Accumulator – Lay All Sequentially Method

The great thing about this method is that we have a clear estimate of our qualifying losses before we even start the accumulator and that these losses are kept to a minimum.

For the purpose of this example we will use the Coral acca insurance offer …

Place a football accumulator of five matches or more and we'll refund your stakes up to £25 as a free bet if 1 selection lets you down
Combined accumulative odds of 4.00 (3/1 ) or more must be met to qualify for football acca insurance.”


The method works by laying each selection sequentially (one after the other) in the hope that one of the selections loses and the other 4 selections win. When this happens, we unlock the £25 acca refund. When using this method we must consider the following …

  1. The events can’t be taking place at the same time. We must leave enough time between events to place our bets on the next selection and recalculate our lay stakes if need be. We recommend you leave at least 2hrs between events, only leave less time if you’re experienced with this method.
  2. The lay odds may change between events taking place and you’ll need to recalculate your lay stakes based on the new odds. If the lay odds shorten you’re expected return will increase, if they drift out your expected return will decrease.
  3. If one leg loses, we STOP LAYING and don’t Lay any of the other selections. We now hope the rest win for the refund.

Key Tips

- Each match should be at different times, leave at least 2hrs between matches to get your next lay bets on

- Lay next match ONLY after previous match has finished

- Lower odds are generally better

- If one leg loses, STOP LAYING and place no further lay bets. You can now sit back and hope all other selections win for refund.



Continuing with the Coral offer (If one leg loses out of five fold acca get £25 free bet refund). Here is an example of an accumulator i placed. Here are the key things to note

- All selections are between 1.50 – 2.50 and the accumulator was set over 3 days. This gives us plenty of time between events to place our next lay bets

- My Back stake in Coral is set to £25, this means if one leg loses in my acca and all others win I will receive the coral £25 refund bonus. I can expect to retain at least 80% of the refund so that means £20 potential profit minus my qualifying loss.

- If only one team loses, the best scenario, I will make £17.20 profit overall, this is calculated by deducting the £2.80 qualifying loss from the £20 guaranteed profit made from £25 refund bonus. For this particular offer you can expect this scenario to occur 29.26% of the time.

- If all teams win (we expect this 9.66% of the time) or 2 or more teams lose (we expect this 61.08% of the time), we will incur a qualifying loss of £2.80 overall.


NOTE – For welcome offers which involve placing an accumulator bet in order to receive a free bet we can guarantee a profit from these offers every single time. To calculate our overall profit, we simply deduct the qualifying loss from 80% of the free bet value. So if the matched free bet is offered at £25, which equates to £20 profit, we simply deduct the ACCA qualifying loss from this potential amount.

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