Matched Betting Survival Guide

Matched Betting Survival List

Don’t know where to start, first things first, set up a New Email Address!

Before you start matched betting, the first thing you should do is setup a new email address. This will be used to single handily manage all of your betting related emails and believe us you'll receive alot of them. The email address you settle on should not include any betting related terms or phrases based around making money, the bookies just don't like this. You should choose a normal email and use this account solely for checking your betting offers. Its much easier to manage and capitalise on the on going free bet offers this way than using your existing email account.

When registering to bookmakers, always Select Decimal Odds!

When you sign up to any bookmaker or betting exchange, always select decimal odds for your odds preference when registering if given the choice. This makes it easy to compare the back odds in the bookmaker to the lay odds in the betting exchange when comparing the two different types of odds. Fractional odds are hard to compare and difficult to calculate quickly. Always choose Decimal Odds.

Why you should always deposit into the bookmaker first!

You should always make your deposit in the bookmaker first followed by the Betting Exchange second. This will avoid any hair pulling moments, when you’ve deposited your cash into the exchange but for some reason can’t deposit into the bookmaker. This may be related to bookmaker security checks such as ID checks being required prior to payment.

Remember you'll be using the same betting exchange in every matched bet you place but the bookmaker may be a new account. For this reason, this rule applys since your exchange account will already be verified in the majority of cases.

Why you should always make sure both betting accounts are funded before you try to place any bets

We highly recommend that you make sure both deposits into the bookmaker / betting exchange have been approved before you go ahead and place any bets. In certain instances your payment may be accepted in one site but rejected in another. This may be due to required ID checks, asking you to verify who you are before your payment can be processed. Don’t worry, although rare this practice is normal and done to prevent fraudulent activity. To prevent any panic always make sure both deposits have been successfully approved.  

Always check the free bet offer terms or ask us if you have any questions

We do our best to keep all of the free bet and bonus offers on our site up to date including detailed offer notes summarizing the offer terms. However on rare occasions the free bet offer terms we list may differ from what is shown on the bookmaker’s site. This can happen if an offer is changed but we weren’t made aware of this. We recommend you quickly check the terms, checking key points such as minimum odds, rollover requirements etc. This will also make you more knowledgeable on the different offer types.   

Why you should always place your bets in the Bookmaker first!

This can’t be stressed enough, you should always place your bet in the bookmaker first followed by the Betting Exchange second. Bookmakers have the power to limit your stakes, betting exchanges don’t. Potentially leaving you with half your bet placed and not being able to cover the other half in the bookmaker since they won’t take your bet. This can ALWAYS be avoided by placing your bet in the bookmaker first followed by Betting Exchange second. In the exchange you can always see how much money you can bet and at what odds first.

Always check the odds in the bookmaker / betting exchange first before placing any bets.

On rare occasions the odds displayed on Automatcher may be different to the odds you find on the bookmakers site. Or sometimes the odds the bookmakers provide us with are for some reason incorrect. To avoid betting in one site only to find the odds in the other are not what you expected, always check the odds in both sites (bookmaker / Betting Exchange) before you proceed to place any bets. And remember, once odds are checked and deposits are made in both sites, you should always place your required bets in the bookmaker first, followed by the exchange second.

Always make sure your Lay bets are fully confirmed!

When you place your lay bets in the exchange, always make sure you click submit, followed by confirm to make sure your bets are fully matched. Often users may click submit, not realising they need to click to confirm aswell to actually get the bet on. To check your lay bets are placed correctly you can do the following below. We highly recommend you always check your LAY / BACK bets are placed correctly in both sites when you first start matched betting.

Go to Betfair Exchange > Click ‘My Account’ > My Bets. You’re interested in matched bets so make sure ‘matched bets’ are selected. Check the details of the bets match to the advised bets shown on Automatcher. The bets should match.

Go to Betdaq > Click on username > My Bets. You’re interested in matched bets so make sure ‘matched bets’ are selected. Check the details of the bets match to the advised bets shown on Automatcher. The bets should match.

What to do if my exchange bet is not fully matched?

If there is not enough money to cover your whole bet at the odds you want in the betting exchange, then the remainder of your bet stake will go unmatched. For instance if you want to lay £25 at odds of 3.20 in Betfair, but it shows there’s only £15 available at those odds. Then £15 will be matched at 3.20 but the remaining £10 bet stake will still be unmatched. You will now have the option to cancel the remaining £10 bet or place it at slightly higher lay odds i.e. 3.25. Don’t worry, if this happens you can always take the remainder of the bet at the next available odds.

To prevent this situation from occurring in the first place, always check the exchange to see how much money is available (i.e. liquidity) at your required odds before you go ahead and place any bets. You can see the amount available directly underneath the odds on the betfair betting screen, see image below. Automatcher will also do this for you and you can filter on available amount aswell.  Once the odds are checked in both sites and there is enough money available, you can then go ahead and place your bets. Backing in the bookmaker first, followed by the exchange second.

How to place a matched bet correctly?

  1. Make sure both accounts are opened and funded before you place any bets
  2. Check the odds and liquidity (in the exchange) are correct for the bets you want to place
  3. Place the bet in the bookmaker 1st, followed by bet in the exchange 2nd
  4. Check that both bets have been correctly placed.
  5. Sit back and wait for your bets to settle

How to communicate with bookmakers correctly!

In all communication between you and the bookmakers, whether that be by email, phone or live chat, you should never imply that you just signed up to get the bonuses or that you are a potential bonus hunter. Although matched betting is perfectly legal, online bookmakers prefer recreational gamblers and not those that they see as poor value. Of course it’s ok to contact bookmakers if your free bet or bonus hasn’t been credited. But if you have a question about offer terms or rollover requirements we recommend you ask on the forum or contact us first. This will keep you off the bookmaker’s radar and ensure your accounts remain open for a very long time. Meaning more matched betting profits long term which is what we want to achieve, on going profit.

Want to keep your accounts open, then remember to Mug Bet!

If you wish to pursue matched betting long term, a choice many individuals make due to the vast profits that can be gained, then you should always place mug bets. Mug bets are placed with bookmakers when no bonuses are involved in order to keep your betting activity looking normal. If you only bet when there is a bonus, your betting account may be flagged and the bookies may see you as a bonus hunter. If this occurs they may limit your stakes or even worse prevent you from receiving any on-going existing customer offers. Once your accounts have been marked its then very time consuming to get them back to their original status. Of course this can be done but it will involve placing numerous mug bets before the bookmakers begin to offer you existing customer offers again.  

A good strategy for mug betting is to pick one football team and bet on them every week they play, of course laying those bets in the betting exchange in order to keep the bets risk free. This will make you seem like a loyal fan and show consistent regular betting activity on your account that’s not bonus related. Of course the more you mug bet the better, since you’ll be offered more bonuses from the bookmakers and your accounts will remain open. However mug betting is a strategy that should be learned carefully.

Try not to mug bet on random betting markets and only those with the closest matched bets. The object here is to make your betting activity appear recreational. Try to keep your mug bets consistent, placing them on select sports and leagues i.e Football - (Premier League, Championship) Horse Racing - (Ascot, Cheltenham) Tennis - (Wimbledon etc). Betting on a  favourite team and betting events that take place in your country of origin is also a good idea. Of course all mug bets will still be matched bets and risk free, the object of them however is not to make money but to ensure your accounts remain open in the logn run so you can continue to make matched betting profits monthly.

Try to keep a weekly record of which bookmakers you need to mug bet with and try to stay on top of this. The golden rule here is you need to have regular betting activity going through the accounts that appears natural, this will lead to more free bets and bonuses and higher long term profits.

Don’t regularly bet on obscure or random betting markets!     

To avoid being flagged as a bonus hunter you should try to not bet on closely matching, random betting events too much. You should try to create a natural pattern of betting i.e. bet mainly premier league matches etc. Often you’ll see closer matched bets for other events but if you’re in matched betting for the long run it’s better to play safe and lose a little more / make a little less from your bets. This way the bookies will continue to give you free bets and bonuses and you can reap the rewards from matched betting long term.


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