Tips to Prevent Account Restrictions/ Closures (Gubbings)

Gubbings is a common term you will see on this site when matched betting and it’s a phrase that used to describe when a betting account has had the following restrictions placed on it.
  • Bet stakes limited to a low value
  • No longer eligible to receive on going bonuses & promotions
  • Closure of betting account (worst case scenario)
Gubbings predominately occur on sports betting accounts and if you are gubbed and can no longer place sports bets, you’ll often find that you can normally still partake in casino, bingo and games offers. Of course, not all gubbings are the same in terms of the limitations they put on your sports betting accounts and matched bet activity and they generally follow the order above. It should also be noted that you will most likely never be gubbed by a betting Exchange such as Betfair, Betdaq, Matchbook or Smarkets. Gabbing’s are generally solely down to online bookmakers, if they feel you pose a threat to their overall earnings and deem you to be more of a bonus hunter or professional gambler.
It’s important to point out that if you are in fact gubbed, you shouldn’t stress too much, since you’re account funds won’t normally be at risk and you’ll still be able to withdraw them as normal. With this been said, on previous occasions it has been documented that some lesser known bookmakers have in fact folded overnight, resulting in customers to lose their money. This is why it’s very important to only bet with reputable bookmakers and to do your homework first. Of course, we try do most of this for you and all of the bookmakers we endorse have been preliminarily checked. However, Freebet4sall won’t be held liable for any actions a bookmaker may take even though it’s actually extremely unlikely that the above scenario will ever occur. As a general rule, it’s always best to try and aim to keep your betting accounts open and not gubbed, since you’ll be able to continue making long term matched betting profits well into the future.
Let’s look at like this, when you sign up to an online bookmaker, that bookmaker will assign your betting account with a rating going from 0 – 100. A rating of 0 means your account will never be gubbed, going right up to a rating of 100, this is the point at which your account will be gubbed. Every time you bet with that bookmaker your betting activity will be analysed and your rating will be updated. You’re rating basically determines how much you can personally bet with that bookmaker on a single bet or market and if your rating hits 100 i.e. the top limit your account will be flagged and gubbed.
Traders are employed by online bookmakers to specifically analyse betting activity and assign ratings to customer accounts. These are the guys that determine what rating your account will get and they specialise in identifying betting activity that deviates from that of a normal recreational punter. Basically, they are on the lookout for markers or signals that your betting activity is NOT normal and if they find a pattern of them they will quickly make your account gubbed. Here’s a few things what they look out for and to be honest if you matched bet smartly they’re not that hard to avoid.
  1. You only bet on obscure events and markets (For example Russian 2nd Division / Icelandic Football Matches)
  2. Arbitrage betting or only betting when the odds have high value (This particularly applies to new accounts)
  3. Only betting when there is a bonus offer available 
  4. You keep consistently winning (unfortunately this can occur sometimes and you have limited control over it)
On occasions it can seem like your account gets gubbed for no valid reason whatsoever and unfortunately some bookies more than others just tend to this with little reasoning to back up their claims. A couple of bookmakers that spring to mind are Boylesports and Stan James. Both of these bookmakers can be very quick when pointing the gubbing stick so please be warned. We advise extra diligence when starting out this pair.
Remember like us, online bookmakers are out there solely to MAKE money and fleece us of our cash, but also never forget they are shrewd and don’t expect them to play fair. They want recreational bettors or rather Mug Punters, those that bet with no clear strategy or goal in mind and who on the whole lose a great deal of cash in the process. Let’s take the guy who bets £10 - £20 on Man Utd every week with William Hill … well William Hill loves that guy. The bookmakers love these types of punters since they know they’ll profit from him for years to come. The odds are purely in their favour.
Now let’s take a look at the matched bettor with William Hill. Let’s take the following offer “Moneyback Up to £25 free bet if your horse loses to favourite in first race every day at Cheltenham”. Of course, the avid matched better would naturally jump on this betting offer, they’d look for closely matching odds on a horse other than the favourite to make a minimal qualifying loss. If the favourite wins, the matched bettor would receive their £25 bonus and the rating code on their account would be increased a little to reflect this. The same matched bettor then takes part in this offer every day throughout the Cheltenham festival and every time they receive a bonus their rating is increased a bit more. After Cheltenham they continue to only participate in other similar offers until eventually their account rating hits 100 and their account becomes gubbed.
If you’re now concerned that all of this seems a little too close to home and that your betting behaviour mirrors this, please don’t worry. We’ll demonstrate some strategy’s that you can easily use to warn off any gubbing sticks that might be pointed at your accounts soon.
We believe that it all starts with setting up good foundations from the outset of your matched betting activity. Starting right from the bookmaker account sign up process. Please don’t rub it in the bookies faces and use sign up emails that contain matched betting terminology e.g., use a normal email that doesn’t contain anything related to betting.
The next tip to prevent gubbing which is extremely simple but often overlooked is your first deposit amount. Let’s take for example the 888Sport, Bet £10, get £30 Free Bet offer. In this instance you might only want to bet the £10 qualifying amount required to obtain the £30 free bet or bonus and also to keep your qualifying losses as low as possible. But often if you deposit and bet slightly more it can set your account up in good stead and keep it under the trader’s radar from the offset. We’ve actually been told this personally from an industry insider that this is a key indicator used to suss out matched bettors. You’d be much better depositing £20 or £25 and betting this amount on your first bet instead. The increase in your qualifying loss would be minimal and the long-term benefit to your rating would more than justify this. We’ve actually written a whole article on Account Preservation through Deposit amounts here.

This next matched betting tip to prevent your bookmaker accounts being gubbed can’t be stressed enough. When you initially start out matched betting, you’ll naturally be tempted to always go for matched bets with the highest rating % / SNR % on Automatcher, since these bets will bring the highest returns overall. What most punters overlook however, is the fact that many of the bets with the highest ratings are often on obscure markets that a recreational gambler would never ever bet on. For instance, on Russian 2nd Division matches or Icelandic football matches.

Of course, if you’re from the UK and you bet on these obscure events when the bookmakers are also offering value in the odds, this is very quick way to instantly draw attention to your account and become Gubbed. Instead we always advise that you try to stick to well-known events and look for close matches on these instead. For instance, the English Premier League, Championship, Scottish Leagues, Spanish Leagues, Wimbledon etc. Just use your common sense here and think how a normal recreational bettor from the UK may bet. 
Another theory going around in the matched betting community is that bookmakers often deliberately put out very high-priced odds that they know will attract matched bettors, arbitrage bettors and those looking for the best matches. These act as a kind of fishing reel allowing bookmakers to round up any non-recreational gamblers and flag your accounts for further inspection. Often if you visit the bookies and try to bet at listed odds, the odds instantly become slashed and you can either accept the reduced price or leave it. Its speculated that if you then click of the bet slip and don’t take the reduced odds this may again arouse suspicion with the bookmakers.
Although there is no definitive solution to stop an account being gubbed, one simple solution is to also bet on big events when no bonuses are available to make us look like a Mug Punter. This is easy, since all’s you need to do is BACK and LAY the same selection to make the bet risk free. Remember these so called ‘Mug Bets’ are meant to make us look like a mug punter, so you should try to pick matches where the odds aren’t too close i.e. below 95% ratings.
Take the guy who bets on Man Utd week in week out with William Hill, we need to aim to appear just like him. If we bet £20 on the same team every week regardless of the odds and matched bet closeness, we’ll look like a loyal fan and are gubbed ratings will remain low. We may lose around £1 - £2 every week from such Mug Bets but we’ll stand to make this back hundred times over through our long term matched betting profits. Remember matched betting is a long-term game, try not to be blinkered by a couple of extra £ in short term profits, you need to think big.
Other strategies to look like a mug punter are placing the occasional £2 accumulator bet and betting on other football markets for big games such as on correct score, first goal scorer any other goal scorer markets.
If the bookmaker has one, it’s also recommended that from time to time you play a few spins on the slot machines in the casino section and not always when there is a bonus. Again, its claimed that this helps keep your gubbed ratings low in the sportsbook since casino games are favoured towards the house and the bookmakers will always make money from casino games. That is off course unless we’re using a casino slots bonus using the Minimum stake / Maximum lines strategy). In this case the house edge is actually clearly in our favour. NOTE - Please only do participate in slot and casino games if you have self-control and won’t continue to gamble there. We don’t want to encourage gambling when the odds are not in your favour. 
Once you’ve been gubbed, unfortunately there is not a lot you can do about it. There have been stories where players have logged back into their accounts only to find that they’ve been un-gubbed, but really this is unheard of in most cases. Remember normally only the sportsbook is gubbed and you can still participate in other bonuses such as casino and games bonuses etc. As a final stand against the bookies you could focus on capitalising on the numerous arbs that Automatcher throws up and continue to make guaranteed profit from them until they close your accounts for good. You never know, all of the betting without bonuses being involved may in fact mean your account becomes ungubbed. If that does ever occur please let everyone know about it in the matched betting community forum.
We’ve gone over a lot in this article, we’ll now try to summarize all of the top matched betting tips to prevent being your betting accounts being gubbed
Use a normal email address and not one that contains betting or matched betting terminology
Don’t always deposit the minimum amount to qualify for the maximum bonus. If the offer is Bet £10, get £30 in free bets. Then consider deposit £20 or even £30, placing a £20 bet to qualify for your initial £30 in free bets, leaving £10 remaining in your account to place another mug better on your favourite team later on in the week.
Don’t always look for matched bets with the highest rating % on Automatcher as these are often for obscure markets. Remember why would someone from the UK be betting on Russian 2nd Division Football, it just doesn’t look normal does it.

Pick a team and bet on this same team every week regardless of odds / close ness of matches. This will make you look like a loyal fan, if you’re already a supporter this will be easy to remember. 
Automatcher will often return bets with a rating of 100% +. Although these matched bets are guaranteed to make you instant profits we advise that you steer clear of them if you want to keep your accounts from being gubbed. Sometimes deliberately place Mug Bets on matched bets with rating’s % below 95%

Try to bet on events that many other punters will be betting on i.e. Premier League, Championship, Wimbledon, Cheltenham Festival, Grand National etc

Other strategies to look like a mug punter are placing the occasional £2 accumulator bet and betting on other football markets for big games such as on correct score, first goal scorer any other goal scorer markets.
Try not to place your qualifying bets too far in advance, if you can try to place your bets on the day of the offer or even better just before. This will make it look like you’ve just stumbled across the free bet or bonus offer and you don’t have a To Do list you’re working your way through.
Don’t just bet in the bookmaker, if they have a casino or bingo room then try to play a few spins on any slot machine from time to time. This will have a minimal effect on your overall profits and but really help flag you as a recreational punter
Always try to round your stake to the nearest pound or £5, never bet £26.27 for example always round it off.
Suddenly withdrawing a large balance can often draw unnecessary attention to your account. If you can go without the cash, we recommend leaving the money in your betting accounts as eventually it will end up in the betting exchange where you can withdraw it. If you do need to withdraw some cash then try to do this in smaller amounts so it looks like you plan to stick around and continue betting with them.
The golden rule to remember is to put your feet in the shoes of the bookmaker and always think, how would they think about this bet? Does this bet make me look like a Mug Punter or rather a matched bettor?
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