How to Profit From Price Boosts Using Matched Betting

Price boosts occur when a bookmaker increases the odds on a particular participant or selection within a chosen betting market for a certain period of time. For Example, Ladbrokes may increase the odds on RedRum in the 15:20 at Cheltenham, from normal odds of 4.00, to boosted odds of 5.00 between the hrs of 12:00 - 13.00

During this 1hr period there is often a chance to lock in a guaranteed profit if you can LAY the same selection ‘RedRum’ in a Betting Exchange i.e Betfair, Betdaq or Match Book ect. Taking the example above, if RedRed could be Layed at odds of 4.2 in Betfair during this period, then guaranteed profit could be made.

All’s you need to do in this situation is open our Matched Betting Calculator in Normal mode. Enter the boosted BACK odds of 5.00 for Redrum in Ladbrokes, and current Lay odds of 4.2 for Redrum in Betfair exchange (don’t forget the 5% commission) and enter your chosen BACK stake. Let’s say for example you bet £10, the Matched Betting calculator would then show what your exact return would be for every £10 you stake at the boosted odds of 5.00 for RedRum.

How To Profit From Price Boosts Using Matched Betting

In this example we used a £10 stake but really you can stake what you’d like if there is no stake limit. The calculator shows that you’d make £1.44 profit for every £10 staked so if you bet £100 you’d stand to make a guaranteed profit of £14.40. Not bad eh …

Just remember to always check what the maximum stake is for your chosen bookmaker’s price boost. Happy Matched Betting!

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