Deposit X Amount & Get a Bonus of X Amount

With this type of offer, you deposit a certain amount and the bookmaker will give you a cash bonus in return. This is normally based on a % of your qualifying deposit. For instance get a 50% deposit bonus up to £100, so in this case you’d need to deposit £200 to qualify for the maximum bonus.

Of course it would be great if we could just make the deposit, then withdraw this free money, but that would be far too easy! To prevent this the bookmakers attach what are called ‘ roll over requirements’ to the offer. This means that you must first bet a certain amount before the bonus funds can be withdrawn and the amount you need to bet is based on the size of the bonus given. Normally the larger the bonus, the more you will need to bet or ‘Roll Over’. 

For instance a 100% deposit bonus up to £200 may carry a 3 x deposit and bonus rollover requirement, this means you’d need to place cumulative bets that total - £200 deposit + £200 Bonus x 3 = £1200. The thing to note here is that it is based on the cumulative amount you need to bet and not the amount you need to bet in one go, so you can in fact complete roll over requirements by placing many smaller bets or larger bets if you have the bank roll.

The other thing to remember is that when matched betting you don’t always end up having to complete the entire rollover requirement, because if your bets win in the exchange early on, which is often the case, the rollover requirement can be cut short. If you place your first bet with the £200 deposit and £200 bonus at odds of 3.00 or above its more than likely that it will lose in the bookmaker and win in the betting exchange. So in this scenario you’d in fact only have rolled over £400 in total as opposed to the £1200 required. 

Now let’s look at two methods that you can use to convert deposit bonuses into guaranteed profit …

A)  Place normal matched bets until the rollover requirement has been met, with this option you’ll incur the same loss in the bookmaker/exchange on each bet placed. 

B)   Use the underlaying technique to incur all of the qualifying loss in the betting exchange. If your bet wins in the bookmaker, you’ll make no loss and retain 100% of the bonus. If it wins in the exchange, the qualifying loss will be higher than in method A since all of the loss will be weighted, but the offer will be finished since all of your funds from the bookmaker will now be in the exchange. 

Method A

Deposit £100 and get a £50 bonus. The rollover requirement for this offer is 3 x deposit and bonus, so in this instance you’d need to place bets that add up to 3 x £150 = £450 in total. 

The best way to start this offer is to bet the entire £150 deposit and bonus amount on the first bet. We’d go to Automatcher, set the minimum odds for the offer in more filters and click on Find Bets. We’d then select one of the returned bet rows and select ‘Deposit Bonus’ on the bet instructions and enter are deposit and bonus stake. 

If the bet loses in the bookmaker, the offer would be finished and you wouldn’t need to place any more bets. If it wins you’d incur a small loss from the bonus amount and you need to continue placing bets in the bookmaker until you have bet £450 in total. Each additional bet will incur another small loss from the original bonus amount, decreasing your overall profit from this offer. 

Method B

Deposit £100 and get a £50 bonus. The rollover requirement for this offer is 3 x deposit and bonus, so in this instance you’d need to place bets that add up to 3 x £150 = £450 in total. 

Again we go to Automatcher and select deposit bonus on the bet instructions, enter our deposit and bonus amount, but this time we click the Advanced view on the top of the bet instructions. We look at the underlaying section and place the bets according to the suggested underlay lay stake. If the bet loses in the bookmaker, we will incur a slightly higher loss from the original bonus amount than in method A, but the offer will be finished and all of the bonus funds, including your profit will end up in the exchange. 

The advantage of underlaying occurs when our bets win in the bookmaker. If it wins we will incur no loss and retain all of the bonus funds. This means we won’t eat into our profit when having to complete large rollover requirements if the bets continue to win in the bookmaker. Even if we had to complete the whole £450 rollover requirement in the bookmaker, we’d still retain 100% of the original £50 bonus amount if we used the underlaying technique. 

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