Account Preservation - Deposit Amounts

Is an extra £1 - £2 qualifying loss really worth it in order to continue making long term matched betting profits? In our opinion, the simple answer is yes

Whilst there are many account triggers that can potentially lead to your betting accounts being restricted, which we discuss in full here, one of the simplest to avoid that has come to our attention is DEPOSIT AMOUNT

As online bookmakers become increasingly aware of different types of betting activity. If you always just deposit the minimum required amount to qualify for a bonus, we’ve been informed that this can be a strong initial trigger to flagging your account as a potential matched bettor. Of course, this alone would not justify account restrictions but be an initial trigger in part of a bigger picture. 

To keep your accounts open and unrestricted in the long run, it may be wise to deposit amounts that are larger than the minimum qualifying amount required. The extra losses incurred will have little impact on your overall matched betting profits, but this strategy will have significant benefits in keeping your accounts open long term. 

Betfred Example 

Betfred offer upto £30 in free bets when you sign up and deposit just £10. If matched betting, we’d normally just deposit and bet £10 in order to get the £30 free bet. Are industry contacts have informed us however, that only depositing this minimum amount may act as an initial trigger at the bookmaker, raising potential suspicion against our account. 

To be extra safe and avoid this entirely, we could just simply deposit a higher amount, maybe £20 or £30, to ensure our account remains under the bookmaker’s radar and we continue to reap the long-term benefits that come from bookmaker accounts with no restrictions. Let’s say we always make around a 5% overall loss on our qualifying bets and take a look at the differences. 

£10 Qualifying Bet – 50p qualifying loss
£20 Qualifying Bet - £1 qualifying loss
£30 Qualifying Bet - £1.50 qualifying loss

As you can see, the actual increase in Qualifying loss from adopting this strategy is really small, especially when we look at long term matched betting profits and keeping our bookmaker accounts open. 

So, in freebets4all’s opinion, we’d definitely recommend this as another useful strategy to avoiding account restrictions and keeping your accounts open long term!

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