888Sport - 7/1 Enhanced Odds on Chelsea to beat Man U

888Sport are offering a massive price boost on Chelsea v Man Utd on Monday to all new members. Offering Chelsea to win from 1.89 to now 8.00 or Man U to win from 3.3 to 15.00. After looking at both offers its clear that the enhanced odds on Chelsea offers the best value here, offering an increase of over 800% on the standard odds of 1.89 

Naturally at FB4A we're always looking to capitalise on such betting offers and the best part is with the help of Automatcher all new 888Sport members can easily lock in a guaranteed profit from this. Since all additional winnings from this offer will be credited as free bets we recommend you underlay on this offer to lock in a guaranteed profit. We've calculated that all members can lock in a guaranteed profit of around £23 - £31 from this offer. 

Heres what you need to do ...

1. Click here to visit 888Sport and deposit £10 

2. Place £10 bet on Chelsea to win with 888Sport, all new members will be given the enhanced odds of 7/1 or 8.00 decimal 

3. Lay £34.74 on Chelsea NOT to win in Betfair at odds of 1.89, your liability will be £33


If Chelsea win you will make £8.90 in cash + £71.10 in free bets (estimated 80% profit to be made from free bets). So £8.90 + around £56 from free bets = £64.90. So to sum it up you will make £64.90 profit in 888 and lose the £33 liability in Betfair giving an overall profit of £31.90

If its a Draw or Man Utd win you will make £33 profit in  Betfair (£34.74 lay stake minus 5% commission) and lose £10 in 888Sport giving an overall profit of £23. 

Of course going on the standard odds Chelsea is currently the favourite to win this match so making a profit of £31.90 is more than likely. 

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