888 Casino 1st Deposit Bonus Offer (RISK FREE)

Please ensure that you have completed the 888 Casino No Deposit Free Play Offer before you start this 888Casino first deposit bonus offer.

888Casino FreePlay Bonus Guide
Upon completing the FreePlay bonus above, its very likely that you will start to receive emails from 888Casino offering you more 1st Deposit bonuses and FreePlays to try and entice you back. The other benefit of completing casino bonuses is it will strengthen your creditability as a recreational player and the associated bookmaker accounts will be less likely to gub your accounts.

Remember we are not here to encourage you to mindlessly gamble, we only advertise offers when we believe the odds are in your favour. Taking this into account, we are only interested in the FREEPLAY offers that you may receive, NOT just any old BONUS offers. The reason being the FREEPLAY offers are inherently RISK FREE to begin with, meaning you can only WIN and never lose.
Following completion of the first 888Casino FREE PLAY offer, it should only be a matter of time before you receive another email from 888Casino offering you an additional £20 FREEPLAY offer. As soon as you receive this, please follow the steps outlined below to lock in a potential guaranteed profit it …
1. First deposit £20 in 888 Casino and enter the relevant bonus code to qualify for your FREEPLAY. If you don’t receive this, we recommend that you transfer your £20 to the sportsbook and place a Mug Bet with them. We advise you do this instead of withdrawing your £20 to avoid looking like a bonus hunter. Reason being, the other 888 Casino bonuses hold limited value and we don’t feel they’re worthwhile participating in.
Once you have your FREEPLAY ….
2. Proceed to the ‘You Have a FREEPLAY’ section via the casino lobby and being wagering your FREEPLAY on any eligible casino games. 

3. Continue to wager until your FREEPLAY balance reaches £0

4. Any winnings you’ve accrued from the FREEPLAY will automatically be added to your balance (UP TO £50)
5. At this stage, only your £20 deposit can now be withdrawn.
6. The winnings from the FREEPLAY however, will need to wagered an additional 30x before any of your bonus winnings can be withdrawn.
7. Select any slot machine and begin wagering your bonus winnings, we recommend you play high value £1 spins to increase the likelihood that you hit a big win, once you hit one we recommend you switch back to minimum stake / maximum lines strategy to reduce the variance and improve your chances of meeting the total wagering requirement.
8. You should continue until either of the following happens …
  • Your bonus balance drops to £20 – If this happens you should immediately stop playing and withdrawn your initial £20 bonus
  • You complete the total 30x bonus wagering requirement for the winnings – If this happens you can instantly withdraw your whole balance along with all the profit you’ve made.
It’s very likely that you will get down to £20 before you complete the total wagering requirement. However, it should be noted that this 888Casino offer is completely risk free if you follow our guide exactly.

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