New AutoMatcher Now LIVE

We've listened to your shouts and put our ears to the ground to re-develop our AutoMatcher from the bottom up, making it even more powerful with horse racing, extra football odds and real time updating...

So what's new in AutoMatcher V3?

  • New odds types

    Football "home-draw-away" odds are bread and butter for matched bettors, providing consistent, reliable and uncomplicated matched bets. However with bookmaker's increasingly introducing offers for existing customers we often need to be able to place matched bets on different markets. Here are some of the new odds types that have been integrated.

    Horse Racing Odds

    With money back specials from all of the UK bookmakers during Cheltenham, Ascot and the like, a new source of profit has emerged. At Cheltenham this year Paddy Power and Betfred were refunding all bets if Cue Card won the race - a promotion which, if used correctly can be used to lock in a profit regardless of the winner. Not only does the new AutoMatcher provide the odds but also the calculations needed to lock in a profit from a whole host of "existing customer" bet types.

    For the more experienced users, horse racing can also be used for regular matched bets. With odds fluctuating quickly some great matches are to be found and of course bets are settled straight after the race for quick returns.

    Football - Correct Score, Goalscorer - Half time and Full Time

    With most UK bookmakers now offering refunds if the match results in a Bore-Draw (0-0), there's profit to be made here for new and existing customers alike. With these new football odds types and new existing customer bet calculations featured in the new version, doing these offers just got a whole lot easier.

  • More up to date odds

    The new system streams in odds from a variety of sources. The new odds types are now streamed in directly from the bookmaker meaning the odds change on the AutoMatcher as soon as they change on the bookmaker's website. Rather than running a scheduled odds update the new version "listens" for changes in odds which are immediately relflected in the results.

  • Calculations for existing customer offers

    To make good use of the new odds types available we have also created a seperate tab for "existing customer offers". These are promotions that are offered by bookmakers to their existing customers to entice you to re-bet with them. These promotions vary and bookmaker's often come up with novel new ideas for instance your money back if "xxx horse wins the race" or "the game ends 0-0" or if "rooney scores the last goal". All of these can be easily taken advantage of in the normal way, with the AutoMatcher provding concise instructions.

    If a bookmaker introduces an existing customer offer, the details are displayed when the bookmaker is selected and if you know of one that we don't, you can share it with fellow users using a simple form.

  • New customisable user-friendly interface

    The first thing you will notice when you visit the new AutoMatcher are the improvements to the look and feel. With all the new features implemented, we knew we had to keep in simple to use while at the same time providing many new options for advanced users.

    And if you don't like the colour, no problem! Just select a new skin from the customise appearance pane at the bottom and select a new theme. Next time you visit, the AutoMatcher will remember your preference. If you can't find anything to suit or you need a special accessible version to make it easier to read, feel free to request one and we will do our best to implement a custom skin for you.

  • Filter down your results
    With the new odds types added you may need to filter down the results. You can now do this by selecting your desired sports (football or racing) as well as betting types such as correct score, winner, goalscorer markets and even whether you want half time or full time markets.

    If you are looking for a particular race or match (e.g. for a specific bookmaker offer) you can use the free text search box to refine your results. You can also specify the time frame for which to display the results.

  • Concise or Express bet instructions

    Whether you want full detailed instructions on how to find and place your back and lay bet or "just the odds and stakes please", the AutoMatcher will oblige. Simply select "Full View" or "Express View" on the bet instructions screen.

  • Automatic Currency Conversion using today's rate

    This feature was added in the previous version but is worth mentioning again. Sometimes a bookmaker will only allow you to deposit in Euro or Dollars,  maybe you would prefer to use your local currency or maybe the maximum bonus can be obtained by using a foreign currency. In this case you can select the currency of your choice and the amounts will be converted to pounds (if required) and the correct lay stake calculated accordingly.
This is a summary of the main new features but there are many more hidden treasures that we invite you to find for yourself - so please visit the new AutoMatcher today!


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