More than you could ever Expekt !

Expekt - 50% bonus upto £50
European bookmaker have launched a fantastic new 50% deposit bonus thats open to all UK residents. Not what you'd expekt, the £50 bonus has to be wagered just 4x ...  before a withdrawal making it one of the most attractive deposit bonuses currently on offer. Plus this latest free bet offer is partner friendly aswell, meaning double the profits for every household.

Expekt £50 Bonus- Click here to go to Expekt, Open an account and deposit £100

Remember this Expekt bonus offer is fresh of the desk and we can only assume its not guaranteed to stay around for long, this is by no means set in stone but over the years its just what we have come to Expekt !

Expekt - 50% Bonus upto £50

1.) Click here to go to Expekt, Open an new account and deposit £100 for £50 bonus
2.) Click here to go to Automatcher to find a free bet for Expekt


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