Normal Service Resumed

After days of down time and uncertainty I am pleased to announce that normal service is resumed and data has been restored. Sincere apologies from us.

As many of you noticed, many pages of our website, including the AutoMatcher went down in the early hours of Saturday 28th January. This was due to our data server "blue screening" and the ineptitude of our hosting company to deal with the problem.

I am pleased (to say the least) that normal service has now been resumed and user data has been restored to the point where the website went down.

Now with a fresh new data server, our members can continue to use the website as normal and rest assured that we have taken steps to ensure no repeat of this issue, by changing our server provider and increasing our backup and restore effectiveness.

Although it is easy to blame third party server providers for this issue, ultimate responsibility lies on myself and I am truly sorry for any inconvenience caused during this down time.

....Sorry about that.....

I wish to take this opportunity to thank all our members for being a part of our site and for their continued loyalty and contributions to date.


Daniel Cook
Technical Manager

PS: There are some very exciting changes in store for March this year!


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