Betway - Lead the US Open at the end of the day, get paid as the winner (Golf)

Bookmaker: Betway

US Open Round Leader Special.
Place a pre-tournament Outright Winner bet on the US Open, and if the player you back is the leader at the end of Round 1, 2 or 3, we’ll pay you out as a winner. You Lead, you Win.

FB4A Strategy: Place a pre tournament bet (max. £20) on any player to win the US Open, lay selection in normal mode. If they are leading at the end of any day you will be paid as a winner, if they then fail to win the tournament you will also win at the exchange. 

Note the terms and conditions state that you’ll be paid out up to 24 hours after the tournament has finished, so if you are trading out early you’ll need to trust that they will payout.


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